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I am the everyday guy who makes the most out of his everyday situations. My motto, "Live. Breathe. Create." I'm of Filipino / Irish / German descent... mixed child... mestizo... whose often mistaken to be Puerto Rican... latino... I am a writer / poet / artist / photographer / producer / actor... etc etcetera... aka one creative brotha... You can look me up by doing a google search for "Patrick Strange" or "patrickstrange".

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Check out my TV commercial!

Hello everyone, I recently shot a TV commercial for Cashpoint that will be airing in the VA, MD, DC area… check it out! Also, go to Aloma Films – www.alomafilms.com to see me in the short film, "The Stream, The Cave, Jim & Dave" and go to TheLot.com to see me in the short film, "Sons of the Righteous" – http://films.thelot.com/films/18370/.

Cashpoint Commercial

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