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I am the everyday guy who makes the most out of his everyday situations. My motto, "Live. Breathe. Create." I'm of Filipino / Irish / German descent... mixed child... mestizo... whose often mistaken to be Puerto Rican... latino... I am a writer / poet / artist / photographer / producer / actor... etc etcetera... aka one creative brotha... You can look me up by doing a google search for "Patrick Strange" or "patrickstrange".

Friday, February 23, 2007

The hustle continues!

Its going to be a busy weekend!  I'm shooting a commercial for Cashpoint as the lead customer, I'm working crew for a fan film, Star Wars: Clone Wars Saga with Howard Films - www.howardfilms.net, I'll be an extra on Signals - www.signalstv.com, I return as Manuel Lyon on the film - Full Circle - www.myspace.com/mjktproduction and I'll play Mr. Chang on the short film, The Department - www.19w.com.  The hustle continues!


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